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Since 2002 the Firm has had its offices in the town of Poirino, between Turin and Alba. The operative site is about 500 squared meters and is located in a former fabrics factory dating more than a hundred years with a renovated yard, turned into working space with multifunctional areas that represent the identity of the Firm with it’s many different skills and competences.
The office is made of several areas:
- The office of Architect Pettene, creative centre of the Firm, introduced by a gallery of memorabilia that retrace 30 years of travels to World Championships and Olympic Games, with a conference room and a field library, where clients are met and new concepts are created and sketched.
- An open-space, with a rich exposition of images and scale models of the various projects and works, where all the stations of the project team are located: it is the place where sketches are turned into technical drawings in all their specific aspects (architectonical, structural, etc.).
- An Office for administration, and for counselling on the technical-management aspects of public tenders, contracts and works with the civil service.
- Atelier area equipped for modelling, with a library, archives, magazines, and storage area with tools, finishes, equipment, furniture etc.